Judith Basin County Free Library

Judith Basin County Free Library received a grant of more than $200,000 from an anonymous charitable fund at Montana Community Foundation.

The Judith Basin County Free Library received a grant of $200,090 from the Montana Community Foundation (MCF). This amount represents the combined total of three matching grants by MCF from an anonymous donor. 

The Judith Basin County Free Library is located in Stanford, Montana, and has been fundraising for two years to finance a building project. With this grant, they have now raised just over $500,000 and can begin library expansions and updates. The library was established in 1945 with 1,500 books after receiving tremendous support from residents across the entire county of Judith Basin. The library’s current building was constructed in 1960, with the last addition occurring in 1979. 

The library plans to expand space and services for a children’s room and new technology area. “Some Judith Basin County residents have little or no access to technology and the library serves as an incredibly valuable resource for them,” said Jeanne Lillegard, the library’s director. “The library is used by people of all ages; it is such an important part of our community. We want to offer our heartfelt thanks to the anonymous donor who made this generous gift. It is truly remarkable.” 

“We are so fortunate and thankful to be a part of this gift and story of generosity,” said Mary Rutherford, MCF President and CEO. “The Judith Basin County Free Library was opened more than 70 years ago because of powerful and widespread support from the community. It provides much needed and greatly appreciated services to Judith Basin County residents. Like the donor who made this wonderful gift, philanthropists across the state are partnering with us each day and their generosity is making an important impact on communities throughout Montana.” 

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