St. Ann's Cathedral

St. Ann's was originally commissioned in 1904 by Great Falls' first Catholic bishop.

St. Ann’s Cathedral of Great Falls received a $150,000 grant from Montana Community Foundation to aid in the repair of their roof. The grant from an anonymous donor is nearly half of the $342,000 needed to complete the repairs and was enough to reach the fundraising goal.

Originally commissioned in 1904 by Great Falls’ first Catholic bishop, the cathedral’s 35-year-old leaking and hail-damaged roof has been in need of replacement for approximately eight years. With $2.1 million in restoration costs already invested in the cathedral’s precious interior in a project completed in 2004, the repairs to the roof are critical in preventing damage.

"A great deal of money and effort has already been invested in restoring the cathedral and that was at risk due to the damaged roof," said Rev. Oliver Doyle, pastor of St. Ann’s. "This generous gift is a huge blessing and is certainly what made the repairs possible."

"This grant to St. Ann's represents tremendous generosity," said Mary Rutherford, MCF President and CEO. "Our mission is to create a culture of giving so Montana communities can flourish. St. Ann's is an incredibly important part of the Great Falls community and this grant certainly supports that mission. While the donor will remain anonymous, I can tell you their hope for this gift is to inspire others to recognize the resources they have and in turn give to worthy causes in need."

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