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The Nest received a surprise grant for $325,000 from a charitable fund at Montana Community Foundation.

The Nest, a charitable organization in Lake County, received a surprise grant for $325,000 from a charitable fund at the Montana Community Foundation supported by an anonymous donor(s). The grant represented one of the largest made in MCF history. 

The Nest was in the process of raising funds to purchase a home to pursue their mission of providing a safe, secure environment for young pregnant and parenting moms and their children in Lake County and on the Flathead Indian Reservation. When the anonymous donor(s) heard about The Nest, they initially wanted to make a $100,000 grant to the nonprofit to help in the purchase of a $225,000 home. After hearing about the outpouring of gratitude from The Nest and supporters in the community, the donor(s) asked the MCF Board to provide a grant to fund the entire purchase as well as provide $100,000 to help with renovations, fixtures and fittings for a total grant amount of $325,000. 

"We are overwhelmed and very grateful for the incredible show of support this enormous check represents," said Jenifer Blumberg, Executive Director of The Nest. "Many people are celebrating this gift with us, because this is truly a grassroots project and so many folks across Lake County and the Flathead Indian Reservation understand the need for The Nest. We are excited to purchase a home and provide women and their children a safe and secure place to grow and thrive."

The anonymous fund at the Montana Community Foundation is a charitable donor-advised fund dedicated to supporting worthy organizations and causes throughout Montana. The anonymous donor(s) has been making very significant grants in support of food banks, public schools, hospice care, child welfare and more throughout the state. 

"There is nothing better than seeing a worthy organization like The Nest receive a grant like this," said Mary Rutherford, MCF President and CEO. "It’s what makes coming to work a joy for us. There are so many important nonprofits across our state doing amazing things every day. They rely on the generous support of donors to fund their good work and this is an extraordinary example of that generosity. A huge part of what we do here at MCF is creating endowed funds to build permanent wealth to support nonprofits. This gift to The Nest shows just how powerful this form of giving can be."

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