William B. Pratt Endowment Fund

The William B. Pratt Endowment Fund is a legacy gift to the people of Montana to help them tell and share stories- especially the untold ones- about Montana's arts, culture, and history and to learn about the traditional art forms and cultures of Montana. 

This fund was established by William B. Pratt,  a former employee at MCF, who has a life-long interest in Indigenous, Folk, and Traditional arts, with experience as a musician working in the folk tradition and as a living history and production artisan in forged iron. This fund also honors his work in documentary ad industrial film/video production, fostering community video efforts, and his extensive experience in grants administration, the development of arts and nonprofit organizations, and fostering philanthropy in the state. 

The William B. Pratt Endowment Fund will make grants:

- to build awareness, involvement, and preservation of Indigenous, Folk, and Traditional Arts in Montana.

- to encourage the education about, as well as the production and presentation of, the Media Arts in Montana.

- for collaborative efforts that strengthen the fields of the Indigenous, Traditional, Folk or Media Arts in the state.

Grants range from $500 to $1,500 and must be matched dollar-for-dollar in cash or a combination of cash and in-kind contributions. Montana 501(c)(3) organizations, local, state, and tribal governments are eligible to apply.

The grant cycle opens January 10, 2020.

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If you are interested in supporting these grant making efforts, you can donate online or learn more about your giving options through Montana Community Foundation. 

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